bigRing Platform, s.r.o. / bigRing One, s.r.o.

Bratislava, Slovakia

bigRing™ is an innovative Explainable AI technology company that:

  • allows by applying its unique bigRing Knowledge Mining™ approach to capture any data into the complex cause-effect graph capable of mirroring the enterprise performance, processes, organisational structure, subjects, objects, relations and any other elements and its matrix
  • designs the unique BigRing Causality Model™, the universal semantic algorithm designed for instant capturing of information, knowledge and experience, capable of knowledge-transfer into the language easily understood by computers, machines and AI robots
  • develops the disruptive software bigRing Consulting Platform™, next-generation, “zero coding” software platform capable of parallel modelling of reality (processes, subjects, objects, relations) into the cause-effect graph and instant production of software solutions (bigRing MIS™) tailor-made for clients and end-users
  • introduces the novel approach to software architecture by defining basic data level (first principle of knowledge reproduction), capturing causal relationships and processes (expressed in mathematical and grammatical logic), recording information into bigRing Genomes™ that construct a distributed computing and memory unit bigBrain Thinking Robot™, capture knowledge into the reality model through multiple data layers (phase logic, knowledge, experience, solutions, prediction and simulation) that can be developed by experts in bigRing Consulting Platform™
  • offers the bigRing SaaS solutions from simple process management to robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, offering the advanced features of Augmented Analytics, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics, Explainable BigData and Intelligent Process Automation capabilities, with the ambition of delivering decision aion system with capabilities of “General AI